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                                                Plans for second half 2024 into 2025

Now that the Hurricane Season has arrived in the Caribbean it is time to think what to do with our next season.

Having cruised a good part of the Eastern Caribbean the question is: "Where next?".

  • Going through the Panama Canal and into the South Pacific?
    This would mean that we would be full-time on board for another 3-5 years. Many destinations have been on our forever wish list (Galapagos, Tahiti, Bora Bora, New Caledonia), but we think that the distances we have to travel and crossing many Oceans may be just a bit too much for us.


  • Going up North and along the US East coast? 
    An interesting option as we have spoken to quite a number of sailors who have done this and rave about it. Sailing into New York?


  • Going up North and sailing back to Europe?
    Just enjoying some more and new Caribbean destinations and waiting for the right timing to sail back via the Azores in the Spring and get ready for a life style change.

After all, we have been living full time on board for 4 years, and we sometimes feel that the time has come for a new challenge.

This August we will be in Europe for three months. Besides visiting our family and friends in the Netherlands, the UK, France, Portugal and Hungary we will plan to actively look where in Europe we may like to spend our lives, whatever it may bring.

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